About the Foundation

The Georg and Emily von Opel Foundation is a charitable trust which works to improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable, particularly children and young people in the developing world.

Image credit: Presencia Foundation/social support programme

The Foundation supports projects to enhance access to basic human requirements such as food, clean water, healthcare and education, as well as assisting the work of Catholic church groups in meeting people’s spiritual needs.

For more detail on the Foundation’s areas of focus, see what we fund.

What we fund

Established in August 2005, the Foundation is run by a Board whose members are:

  • Georg von Opel (Chairman)
  • Emily von Opel
  • The Right Honourable Candida Viscountess Petersham
Image credit: Courtesy of Water Aid


Please contact us either per e-mail or mail:

Georg & Emily von Opel-Foundation
2 Aldford Street
UK – London, W1K 2AB

Email info@vonopel-foundation.ch

Charity No.1172977