This process enables the Foundation to understand what we are being asked to fund and evaluate how well it works.

If we donate a grant, both parties will then have a shared framework for monitoring progress on the funded project.

If you are a large organisation, you might think about what will be different as a result of your work. If you are a small community organisation, it might be more appropriate to think of specific “outputs” (e.g. inoculations given, number of children schooled).



Here are some sample questions you could ask when judging outcomes:

What do you want to see at the end of the project?

How will you monitor your progress towards these outcomes?

What information will you need to collect?

Is it currently possible to collect this information or do you need new working process or systems?

How do your outcomes relate to your organisation’s business or strategic plan?

Are your outcomes ambitious enough?

Alternatively, are your outcomes so ambitious that it won’t be possible for you to report on your progress on them?