Qualifying criteria

When applications are made from one of the categories that we assist, the Board applies the following assessment criteria.

Professionalism: Do the individuals or organisations responsible for the project have the relevant professional skills and personal qualities, experience, networks, structures and resources to make the project successful?

Reputation/credibility: Do the organisations behind the project have impeccable credentials?

Sustainability: Does the project have long-term goals and perspectives? What steps have been taken to ensure the project is compatible with local cultures or structures?

Probability of success: Can the project’s organisers demonstrate past achievements or make a convincing case for the future success of their initiative?

Innovation: Does the project convince through an unconventional/innovative approach?

Transparency and verifiable information: Do the applicants have transparent structures and finances? Do they have reporting processes in place that would enable an accurate assessment to be made of the outcomes achieved by the financial grant?

Ethical base: Do Christian values or the protection of human dignity and human rights form the ethical foundation of the project in question? How will the project avoid falling victim to local corruption? Does it achieve its goals without promoting tribal, religious or ethnic discrimination?

Effectiveness: Will the envisaged means achieve the initiative’s planned objective?

Efficiency: How efficiently will the funds used achieve the targeted goal?


Application form

We require applicants to complete an application form setting out the key details of projects that are the subject of an application.

Please complete all the sections of the form. We may also request additional information as part of our assessment of applications.

It is important that you keep us up to date with any changes in personnel or circumstances that relate to your application. Please email us with any of the relevant changes at the earliest opportunity. The Foundation Board will write to you with its decision on your application for financial support.

We do not have the resources to provide you with a detailed explanation of our decision and no further communication will be entered into following our reply.

Submitting a form

Charities, churches and other organisations may submit application forms for funding to the Foundation by email or by post to the address below.

Download application form (PDF)